Quality Management

Timay & Tempo continuously strive to improve quality management processes while taking consumer health and safety as a top priority. Achievements in cost reduction and efficiency have never caused compromising from product quality, since every stakeholder in our supply chain is aware of the requirements and responsibilities of the textile industry.

In this context, constant development of quality management efforts leads us to:

• Providing high quality and safe products within the standards,
• Doing systematic intervention to the faults on time and preventive actions at each stage not to repeat,
• Complying with the laws and regulations from product design to after-sales customer services,
• Revising our internal quality management systems and policies periodically, that results in development of the manufacturing processes and improvement in product efficiency.

Quality Policy

As Timay&Tempo, in all processes we have adopted ourselves working in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System as a basic philosophy of continuous development and we aimed to implement the policies mentioned below in most efficient way.

• To make continuous investment and development studies for the future, take the right decisions at the right time, always be a preferred company in everywhere.

• To follow up changing and developing customer needs, scientific and technological developments, and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring these needs.

• Attach great importance to occupational health and safety of employees. To work in accordance with   the relevant regulations and laws in all works.

• To ensure employee satisfaction with the participation of all employees.

• To carry out continual improvement studies in order to maintain our system and service quality.

• To increase the awareness level of our employees in the organization we have created with contemporary management approaches.

• To provide competitive advantages in the metal accessories sector both at home and abroad.

Datasheet Application

Quality Control Department ensures product safety based on application of the appropriate trim structure according to garment’s construction during the garment production sampling. Clients are informed by a datasheet report that contains technical details regarding to attachment application and position in order to minimize any attachment faults. Datasheet applications, which are a requirement of the industry, have a critical importance in product safety and cost controlling through supply chain.

Tests and Laboratory

Timay & Tempo own its modern laboratory endowed with state-of-art devices and equipments; Quality Control Department performs several tests and examinations at all stages of the production processes that are stated below:
• Tensile Strength
• Needle Detector Test
• Washing Test (Industrial and Home Type)
• Nickel Spot Test
• Heavy Metal Toxicity

Documents and Certificates

ISO 9001:2008
With a vision to become a leader supplier worldwide, Timay&Tempo’s manufacturing and customer services are getting periodically inspected and verified by ISO 9001:2008 system.
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Product Class 1
Our products fulfill the requirements of Annex XVII of REACH (including the use of azo-dyes, nickel, etc.) as well as the American requirements regarding to total content of lead in children’s articles (CPSIA; with the exception of accessories made from glass).


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