Human Resources Values

We, Timay & Tempo, need high performance employees in order to reach our strategic targets to improve our position in the ever-changing business environment of the global world. Competition keeps the market dynamics volatile which makes the human resources policies more crucial at the future of companies. Therefore, our people keep on carrying Timay & Tempo further and further every day with the added value they create by adopting our core competencies to their work life. Our values and competencies may be described as:
• Being Customer Oriented
• Being Collaborative
• Being Deliberative and Proactive
• Being Honest and Ethical
• Originality and Team Spirit

Education and Development

As Timay & Tempo, we invest in continuous development of our employees who constantly review their jobs and seek better methods. We are aware of the fact that these investments are one of the most important factors that helping us to realize our vision, which is becoming a leader in the international markets.

At Timay & Tempo, we consider all of our employees very valuable and must be continuously developed by trainings along with the growth of our company. We provide training programs for every single personnel for their professional and personal development. Timay & Tempo also pays attention to managerial trainings that make the company influential.

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