With Electrical Drive

Typical field of application

This machine is designed to attach all types of garment rivets in the apparel industry.
Specially developed throat system pushes bottom part upwards as upper part goes
downwards. Therefore, moving bottom and upper fasteners perform proper and reliable
attaching operation onto fabric.
Model T&T – 05 is equipped with feeding hoppers for both parts to constantly sustain
attaching operations. Quick emptying feature and transparent hoppers increase flexibility
and the speed of operators. 

Standard features

  • Fixed Finger Guard System and Secure Pedal System to ensure operator's safety from occupational accidents.
  • Laser Spotting Light provides perfect garment positioning.
  • Great Throat Depth enables to attaching up to sixteen plies of fabric. The thickness range is prescribed by Timay&Tempo.
  • Energy-Saving Feature inactivates the cooler fans and led displays when machine is not activated for 10 minutes.
  • Adjustable Pedestal Stand provides a comfortable operation position.
  • 3 years warranty
  • CE Standard

Technical features

Electrical Supply: 380 Volt 50Hz
Attaching Speed: 2 cyc./sec.
Attaching Pressure: 1.500 N
Operating Height: 25,5 mm
Throat Depth: 216,5 mm
Dimensions W x D x H: 540 mm x 660 mm x 1680 mm
Weight: 160 kg
Noise Level: 77 dB
Connection Load Max: 0,753 kVA

Optional features

  • Multi Activation Feature makes it possible to operate the machine by a finger or a foot,either for stand-up or sit-down operations.
  • A Flasher Light which placed on top of the machine enables to control machine's working status from distance.
  • LED Illumination which placed under the throat provides an extra illumination for the setting area.
  • Pucker Avoiding Tool prevents fabric from wrinkling while attaching onto various width.
  • Custom Solutions Based on Customer Demands are welcome.

For more, please contact Timay&Tempo Technical Support and Services.

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