With Electrical Drive

Typical field of application

This machine is designed to attach all types of metal accessories in the apparel industry.
Model T&T – 06 requires manual replacement of bottom and upper parts of fasteners
while the attaching operation is driven by electric motor. 

Standard features

  • Fixed Finger Guard System and Secure Pedal System to ensure operator's safety from occupational accidents.
  • Laser Spotting Light provides perfect garment positioning.
  • Great Throat Depth enables to attaching up to sixteen plies of fabric. The thickness range is prescribed by Timay&Tempo.
  • Energy-Saving Feature inactivates the cooler fans and led displays when machine is not activated for 10 minutes.
  • Adjustable Pedestal Stand provides a comfortable operation position.
  • 3 years warranty
  • CE Standard

Technical features

Electrical Supply: 380 Volt 50Hz
Attaching Speed: 2 cyc./sec.
Attaching Pressure: 1.500 N
Operating Height: 25,5 mm
Throat Depth: 216,5 mm
Dimensions W x D x H: 490 mm x480 mm x 1260 mm
Weight: 60 kg
Noise Level: 45-60 dB
Connection Load Max: 0,753 kVA

Optional features

  • Multi Activation Feature makes it possible to operate the machine by a finger or a foot,either for stand-up or sit-down operations.
  • A Flasher Light which placed on top of the machine enables to control machine's working status from distance.
  • LED Illumination which placed under the throat provides an extra illumination for the setting area.
  • “H” Shaped Stand enables a wider working area for sit-down operations.
  • Pucker Avoiding Tool prevents fabric from wrinkling while attaching onto various width.
  • Custom Solutions Based on Customer Demands are welcome.


For more, please contact Timay&Tempo Technical Support and Services.

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